Basic Info

Basic Info

Event Name LED CHINA 2025
Dates 17th-19th Feb 2025
Venue Shenzhen Exhibition & Convention Center,Futian District


From Metro 10 min. walk from “Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center” station, Exit D
From Hong Kong 14 minutes by railway from Hong Kong West Kowloon Station to Shenzhen Futian Station, then 15 min. walk to the expo.

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Travel Tip: Save on flights by flying into Hong Kong airport. It's a quick 14-minute high-speed train ride from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. Learn more

Visa-Free Policy: China allows visa-free travel for citizens of select countries, including those in Europe such as France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain, as well as Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, the UAE, and Qatar.

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2024 Prospect

Explore LED display and its verticals,
LED Displays + Lighting + Visual + Audio + AV Integration

80,000+㎡ Exhibition Area

2,000+Exhibit Brands

100+Regions of Visitors

*Above are projected figures

Why Join LED CHINA 2025?

To Join the biggest LED display expo, approach the world's LED manufacturing hub

Founded in 2005, LED CHINA is the initiator of international LED exhibitions. Taking place in Shenzhen, the renowned global manufacturing hub for the LED display industry, LED CHINA provides numerous choices for quality factories, offering visitors a chance to take factory tours during its visit to the exhibition and right in the city.

To Explore LED display and its verticals, LED Displays + Lighting + Visual + Audio + AV Integration

Through joint efforts with the TOP associations in China, LED CHINA presents an all-in-one platform showcasing not only the forefront of LED display, but also nine captivating exhibition topics extended from LED displays. It offers visitors an exceptional opportunity to explore the cutting-edge of China's industrial base.

  • LED Displays (Fine-pitch Display,Transparent Screen, Floor Tile Screen, Creative Screen,etc)

  • XR Solution

  • Naked Eye 3D Display

  • Mini/Micro LED

  • Commercial Display

  • Digital Signage

  • Professional Lighting

  • Professional Audio

  • Stage Equipment

  • AV Systems Integration

  • VR/AR/MR Metaverse

  • LED Lighting & Signage

  • ......

To Embrace the 3D era with LED CHINA 2025

LED displays are getting into the era of 3D video, many application markets have dabbled in it, new technology emerged on the market, such as XR Solutions for filming, broadcasting, naked-eye 3D for advertising media, LED Cinema, giant sphere LED ball for architecture, etc. LED CHINA as the premier hub for the display industry, with all the big names gathered under one roof, what surprise would it bring to us? Let’s stay tuned.

Located near Hong Kong, LED CHINA offers seamless connectivity

The Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (Futian) provides effortless proximity for visitors coming from Hong Kong, as it is just a short 14-minute train ride away. As one of China's top gateways, Hong Kong offers visitors a seamless experience with its extensive network of over 1000 international flights.

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2024 Partial Exhibitors

One-Stop Sourcing Platform with Cross-Markets Solutions

  • DOOH/Outdoor Advertising

  • 3D/XR Solutions

  • Staging

  • Immersive Environment

  • E-Sports

  • Entertainment

  • Command & Control Rooms

  • Retail Environments

  • Venues & Architecture

  • Conference & Multimedia

  • Broadcasting

  • City View

Exhibit Profile

  • LED Displays: Fine-pitch Display, Mini/Micro LED, Naked-eye 3D, Rental Screen, Transparent Screen, Creative Screen, advertising screen, Glass Screen, Traffic Screen, etc.

  • LED Display Control System and Related Kits: Control System, Video Processing, Software, Driver IC, Power Supply, Circuit Board, Distribution Box, etc.

  • LED Lighting: LED Commercial Lighting, Landscape Light, Festival Light, Road Light, Tunnel Light, Traffic Light, Automotive Light, and LED Lighting Accessory, etc.

  • LED Illumination: Module, Light Strip, Barrier Pipe, Neon Light, Digital Signage, Power Supply, Controller, etc.

  • Advertising Signage: Signboard, Hotel Nameplate, Directional Sign, Crystal Letter, Mini Letter, Resin Letter, Illuminated Letter, Lightbox, Exhibition Display Equipment, etc.

  • LED Packaging/Chip and Material: High-Power LED, SMD Packaging, Surface-Mount LED, Full-Color Device, White LED, Epitaxial Wafer, Epitaxy Chip, and Related Substrates, etc.

  • LED Manufacturing Equipment and Testing Instruments: Dispensing Machine, Die Bonder, Wire Bonder, Color/Spectral Sorter, Foot Cutter, Spectral Analyzer, Purification Equipment, etc.

  • Audio: Sound Equipment, Sound Reinforcement System, Broadcasting Equipment, Mixing Console, DJ Equipment, Microphones, Audio Accessory, Cable, etc.

  • Lighting: Stage Lighting, Entertainment Lighting, Theater Lighting, Lighting Control System, Architectural Lighting, Laser Fixtures, Computerized Fixture, etc.

  • Stage Equipment: Stage Design, Construction, Lift Platforms, Floor Installation, Special Effect, Backdrop, Trusses, Flight Cases, Rigging, etc.

  • AV Integration: Video Conferencing System, Integrated Solution, Stage System Integration, Multimedia And Projection Equipment, Public Broadcasting, etc.

  • Commercial Display and Digital Signage: Commercial TV, LCD, LCD Video Wall, OLED, Interactive Display, Electronic Interactive Whiteboard, Laser Projector, Holographic Projector, Kiosk, All-In-One Touch Display, Wall-Mounted Machine, Smart Conference Tablet, etc.

  • Intelligent Terminal: Remote Conferencing AV, Smart Transportation, New Retail, Comprehensive Security Solution, Software and Publishing System, Display Terminal, Transmission and Accessory, Touch and Intelligent Sensing, etc.

  • Metaverse and Esports: VR/AR/MR/XR/3D, Ultra HD Display, Holographic Projection, Spatial Interaction, Digital Twins, Artificial Intelligence, Esports Hardware and Software Equipment.


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